Joe’s Crab Shack

Carpeted dining room with old plastic chairs with wooden tables

Front of House Flooring Replacement | Duluth, Georgia

This project included a complete front of house flooring replacement of over 5,000 square feet. The existing floor had many areas covered in vinyl composition tile (VCT) and then completely covered again in commercial carpet.

RFS removed both layers of flooring, floated the entire floor due to concrete issues on the existing slab and executed a complete black vinyl composition tile installation throughout the restaurant.

Booths were removed and walls painted as well as new trim added on all raised seating areas. All of the work, including the vct tile installation, was completed after hours without interrupting the daily operations of the restaurant. The project was completed in one week.

Project Details

Project Goals Complete front of house flooring replacement of over 5,000 square feet
Project Timeline One week
Project Work Existing floor removal and new vinyl composition tile installation
Interruption of Service None