About Us

RFS is a full service facility maintenance company and restaurant renovation company. RFS works under a methodology that incorporates scheduled facilities maintenance services within its project-based construction philosophy – ensuring that its clients maintain the highest quality facilities, and reduce potential maintenance issues with large cost exposure. RFS is a Florida-based general contractor of over 25 years specializes in facilities and maintenance repair services. With a routine presence throughout the S.E. United States, RFS is often called upon to provide service solutions throughout the entire United States. Such services are economically accomplished via routing of service crews for optimal efficiencies and effectiveness.

As a full service organization, RFS can complement your total support center capacity from repair and renovation work to facility support services. Our pro-active approach provides our clients with uncompromising quality in service and performance that is unmatched in the industry. Our high caliber of maintenance clientele gives us an additional mark of distinction. We are proud to serve these companies, and we are proud that they continue to rely on us. You can feel confident that you are in good company when you work with RFS because our customers include multiple-facility companies that value excellence in all aspects of their business. Allow us to put this dedication to work for you and your company.

Areas Serviced

Below you’ll find a map including our headquarters, as well as the locations and details of some recently completed projects.